Multiple Site Search and Notification System for Craigslist 
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The Notifier window appears initially when the application starts and is also accessible from the Tools menu.

Select the Browse button to open the mobile version of the website.  It is very important that you use the mobile web site that begins with  Create and refine your search using the mobile web site.  From the results page of your search, copy the URL (web address) from the browser to the Search URL field in the application.  The URL must begin with

Select the "Add" button to add the search to the Notifier grid.  You can delete the search lines individually or select the "Clear" button to clear the entire grid and start over.  The "Settings" button is a shortcut to your settings.

When you are done adding all the searches you want the Notifier to monitor, click the "Start" button at the bottom of the window.  The start and interval times will be displayed.  The Notifier will send notifications to the email address provided in your settings.  Notifications will only be sent for postings placed after the start time.  Select the "Stop" button to stop the Notifier.

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