Multiple Site Search and Notification System for Craigslist 
Frequently Asked Questions
My IP address is getting blocked.  What can I do?
Your IP address may be blocked if you access a website too frequently from the same IP address.  Modify the application settings to increase the time interval between searches.  In settings, increase the "Search Site Pause" and/or "Search Cycle Interval" to affect the amount of time between searches.  If blocking continues, or you require more frequent searches, consider using IP Rotation.
What is IP Rotation?
IP Rotation is a proprietary feature that automatically changes your IP address after a predetermined number of searches.  IP Rotation requires a block of static IP addresses which must be purchased from your internet service provider (ISP).  Contact your ISP for cost and availability.  IP Rotation is only available with the Professional subscription.
Can I receive a text message?
Yes, you can receive notifications as a text message.  Simply use your mobile carrier's email-to-text address to send notifications as a text message.  A comprehensive list of email-to-text addresses can be found here .  Check with your mobile carrier to see if any additional charges apply.
Do I have to leave my computer on?
When you run the application on your computer you must leave your computer on and the application running.  This is because the application constantly searches and sends you notifications.  You can minimize the application to run in the back ground.  You do not need to keep your computer on if you run the application in the cloud (see next FAQ).
Does the application run in the cloud?
Classified Notifier was designed with the cloud in mind.  If you don't want to have your computer on all the time, you can run the applicaton on a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud.  There are many cloud service providers, however, we have successfully tested and fully support the application on Microsoft Azure .  A detailed guide on how to setup a VM and install Classified Notifier can be found here.
Can I run the application on a Mac?
You can run windows applications on a Mac using a hardware virtualization product like Parallels , however, we have not tested Classified Notifier on that platform.
What email account does the application use?
The application uses your email account to send notifications.  When you configure the email settings you must provide your email account credentials.  It is very similar to setting up an email client like Outlook or email on your mobile phone.  If you don't want to use your personal email account, you can use a free email account such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. to send notifications to your personal email address.
Why do I occassionally receive notifications that do not contain a posting?
This is caused when the ad is removed shortly after it was posted.  Often Classified Notifier has sent a notification before the posting has been removed.  To confirm the posting has been removed, a link to the original posting can be found at the bottom of the email notification.  Clicking on the link often reveals why the posting was removed.
Why do I occassonally stop receiving email notificatons?
This is typically caused by a limitation set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Email Service Provider.  The email account you are using may have a limit on the number of emails sent per day.  Check with your provider to determine if there is a limit.  If the limit is set too low, request a limit increase or switch to another provider.
How long is the trial period?
The trial period is 14 days.  You can view how much time you have left on your trial or subscription by selecting Help > About from the menu in the application.  The "Expires" date indicates when your trial or subscription will end.
How much does it cost?
Classified Notifiier only accepts donations.  We have partnered with PayPal to manage donations as a subscription.  Because donations can very, we do not publish donation amounts.  When your trial period expires, you will have the option to make a donation.
Can I setup multiple subscriptions with the same PayPal account?
Yes, you can setup as many subscriptions as you need and have them all funded by the same PayPal account.
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